Origin: Irish

meaning: “little king”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ray, Reagan, Reagen, Regen, Regin

Regan Movie and TV Quotes:
“Guilty or innocent, Regan always gets his man.”
The Sweeney: Jigsaw (1975)
“Let’s hope Regan thinks the same way.”
Tombstone Territory: Marked for Murder (1959)

Famous people named Regan or its variations

1. Regan Smith (b. 1983), American stock car racer
2. Busdriver (b. 1978), American rapper
birth name: Regan Farquhar
3. Regan Burns (b. 1968), American actor, comedian

Regan Middle Names:
Regan Christian
Regan Garth
Regan Mitchell
Regan Stuart
Regan Wiley

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