Origin: English

meaning: “protection”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Raemond, Raemondo, Raimond, Raimondo, Raimund,
Raimundo, Rajmund, Ramon, Ramond, Ramonde, Ramone,
Ray, Rayment, Raymondo, Raymund, Raymunde, Raymundo,
Réamann, Redmond, Redmund, Reymond, Reymundo

Raymond TV and Movie Quotes:
“All right, Raymond Chandler, we get it.”
CSI: Rashomama (2006)
“Raymond, wouldn’t you feel more relaxed in your
favorite K-Mart clothes?” Rain Man (1988)

Famous people named Raymond or its variations

1. Ray Romano (b. 1957), American actor, comedian
born Raymond Albert Romano
2. Ray Davies (b. 1944) English rock singer (The Kinks)
born Raymond Douglas Davies
3. Raymond William Stacey Burr (1917-93), Canadian actor

Raymond Middle Names:
Raymond Denys
Raymond Jules
Raymond Gregory
Raymond Omar
Raymond Walker

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