Origin: Egyptian

meaning: “begotten of Ra, the sun god”

Best Nicknames:
Ram, Ramm

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Ramsay, Ramsey

Ramses TV and Movie Quotes:
“My darling girl, when Ramses destroyed Syria, that was an accident. You are a catastrophe!” The Mummy (1999)
“Ramses will give you your freedom now.”
The Ten Commandments (2006)

Famous people named Ramses or its variations

1. Rams├ęs Maximiliano Bustos Guerrero (b. 1991),
Chilean footballer
2. Ramses Barden (b. 1986), American football pro
3. Ramses Shaffy (1933-2009), Dutch singer, actor

Ramses Middle Names:
Ramses Alexander
Ramses Dionysus
Ramses Fouad
Ramses Viktor

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