Origin: Arabic

meaning: “merciful”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Raman, Rahkman, Rahkmon, Rahm, Rahmen, Rahmon, Rehman

Rahman Book Quotes
“The visitors thanked Rahman for his time and cooperation.”
To What End? (2014)
“He will tell Rahman the same thing.”
The Morning Post (2009)

Famous people named Rahman or its variations
Rock HarperRahman GumboRahman Ali

1. Rahman “Rock” Harper (b. 1976), American chef
2. Rahman Gumbo (b. 1953), Zimbabwean football coach
3. Rahman Ali (b. 1943), American boxer
born Rudolph Valentino Ali

Compound Rahman Names:
Abdul Rahman
Abdur Rahman
Fazl ur Rahman
Shamsur Rahman

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