Origin: Urdu

Meaning: “sacrifice”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Gurban, Ghurban, Korban, Kurban

Qurban Book Quotes:
“You’ve a fine animal, Qurban.”
Downfall by Degrees (2003)
“What has happened between you and Qurban Ali?”
Selected Punjabi Short Stories (2004)

Famous people named Qurban or its variations

1. Qurban Qurbanov (b. 1972), Azerbaijani footballer,
also known as Gurban Gurbanov
2. Qurban Ali Oruzgani (b. 1958), Afghan politician;
governor of Daykundi Province, Afghanistan
3. Qurban Hussain (b. 1956), British politician,
born in Kashmir

Qurban Middle Names
Qurban Akbar
Qurban Farouk
Qurban Suleiman

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