Origin: French, English

Meaning: “unknown”
migration from French or English surnames

Best Nicknames:
Quan, Quanny

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Quannell, Qwanell, Qwannell, Quenell, Quennell

Quanell Book Quotes:
“Quanell X was wearing a burnt orange Armani suit and
alligator shoes.” A Death in Texas (2003)

Famous people named Quanell its variations

1. Qwanell Anthony Mosley (b. 1988), American singer
also known as “Q”
2. Quenell Jones, (b. 1980), American cinematographer
3. Quanell X (b. 1970), American community activist
born Quanell Ralph Evans

Quanell Middle Names
Quanell Jamarcus
Quanell Lorenzo
Quanell Trey

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