Origin: Old English

Meaning: “priest’s town”

Best Nicknames:
Pres, Press, Prez

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Prestin, Prestyn, Priestly, Presley, Prestley

Preston TV and Movie Quotes:
“Preston’s a part of this. I know he is.”
Criminal Minds: A Thin Line (2012)
“We’re really trusting you here, Preston.”
Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Famous people named Preston or its variations

1. Preston Jones (b. 1983), American actor
2. Preston Ercelle Cloud, Jr. (1912-91),American earth scientist,
biogeologist, cosmologist
3. Preston Bierce Plumb (1837-91), American politician,
Union Army officer in the Civil War

Middle Names for Preston:
Preston Bruce
Preston Donovan
Preston Mark
Preston Oliver
Preston Tyler

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  1. andres says:


  2. depreston says:

    So my friend preston suggested for his name to be Depreston

  3. Preston says:

    I have a close friend named Preston, and I always call him Prince, or Presty.

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