Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “clad in purple”
from the Greek, Porphyry

Variations, Nicknames and Soundalikes:
Porphyre, Porfi, Porfiriusz

Porfirio TV and Movie Quotes:
“You see, Porfirio, when a monarch misrules, he changes
the people, but when a presidente misrules, the people
change him.” Juarez (1939)

Famous people named Porfirio or its variations

1. Porfirio Piña (b. 1965), Dominican entrepreneur,
talent agent
2. Porfirio Lobo Sosa (b. 1947), Honduran politician;
President of Honduras (2010-14)
3. Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza (1909-1965), Dominican diplomat,
race car driver, polo player

Porfirio Middle Names:
Porfirio Alonso
Porfirio Ginés
Porfirio Osvaldo
Porfirio Raphael

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