Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “oracle”
also, ancient Egyptian: Nubian

Variations, Nicknames and Soundalikes:
Phineas, Phinehas, Phinneas, Phineus, Pinches,
Pinchos, Pinchus, Pinhas, Pini, Pinny

Pinchas Book Quotes:
“Rabbi Pinchas lived a life of poverty.”
Visitors to the Inner Earth (2011)
“‘How do I look?’ Pinchas asked.”
Lights Out (2011)

Famous people named Pinchas or its variations

1. Pinchas Goldschmidt (b. 1963) Swiss-born Russian rabbi
2. Pinchas Cohen Gan (b. 1942), Israeli artist
3. Pinchas Ben-Porat (1914-55), Israeli aviator

Middle Names for Pinchas:
Pinchas Aharon
Pinchas Efraim
Pinchas Simeon
Pinchas Yaakov

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