Origin: Greek

Meaning: “lover of horses”

Best Nicknames
Flip, Phil, Philly, Pip

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Felipe, Felipo, Filep, Filip, Filippo, Fillip, Fyllip, Philipp, Philippe,
Philippos, Philippus, Philips, Phillip, Phillips, Phyllip, Pilipo

Philip TV and Movie Quotes:
“I wanna be Philip. Me Philip. Me Philip.”
Futurama: The Luck of the Fryrish (2001)
“Philip, when I met you, you were into James Brown.”
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 TV Series)

Famous people named Philip or its variations

1. Phil Anselmo (b. 1968), American heavy metal singer
born Philip Hansen Anselmo
2. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014), American actor
3. Phil Collins (b. 1951), English singer, songwriter
born Philip David Charles Collins

Middle Names for Philip:
Philip Arnold
Philip Carson
Philip Everett
Philip Mark
Philip Slade

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  1. Phillip Tyler says:

    Names I’ve been called:

    Big Dog Philly, Philly Cheesesteak, Uncle Phil, Philipo, Philly-Phil, Felipe, Dr. Phil good

  2. Phillip says:

    KillPhil , Philly Blunt, PhillytheKid

  3. peter philip says:

    but my friend do call philipto or philippiano

  4. Philip says:

    Names I’v been called.
    Ill Phil
    Phil My Crackin
    Phil The Pill
    Good Phil
    Uncle Phil – later(Uncle Money)
    Phillidelphia CreamCheese/Cheesecake

  5. Shea says:

    There’s this guy named Phillip at school, and we all like to think of nicknames for him. I think my best one was Mt. Philimanjaro

  6. philip says:

    PhilBilly, Phil the lip, philadandrome, Philly-Phil (flava-flave), Phillis, Philipander, Philthy Phil, no Philter Phil… the only one i am actually fond of is PhilBilly lol thought that was pretty original when i first heard it!

  7. Philip says:

    I’ve had too many to count. Phileus Fogg, Phineas, Phil-up my coffee, Flip Flop..

  8. Philip says:

    I’m from Philippines and some of my friends called me Ipe

  9. Amelia says:

    My fiance’s name is Phillip and he’s always been called Fee by close friends and family (especially by children; it’s actually how he got the nickname because his younger brother couldn’t say Phillip and always called him Fee, so it just stuck).

  10. Philip Keating says:

    I’m called Majestic by friends & Feleep!! by close friends

    • Fred Benson says:

      Why were you called ‘Majestic’, Philip? By the way, I wish I was named ‘Philip’!

  11. Philip says:

    I used to be called ‘Eyip’ by my cousins and ‘pelps’ by some colleagues.

    At work.. I’m known as ‘d’great!’

  12. Phillip says:

    Philly Cheesesteak

  13. Philip says:

    Ive been called Philly, Uncle Phil, Dr. Phil, NoChillPhil, PNut, and Phillus.

  14. Phil says:

    I always go by Phil but tell people I don’t care and they can call me either. The best nickname I’ve been given is Philbo Baggins.

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