Origin: Greek

Meaning: “loving”

Variations, Nicknames and Soundalikes:
Filo, Filomeno, Phil, Phillie, Philly, Philo

Philemon TV and Movie Quotes:
“So, you like this Philemon.”
Xena, Warrior Princess S1 E15 (1996)
“You’ve had too much sun, Philemon.”
The Furies (2013)

Famous people named Philemon or its variations

1. Phil Masinga (b. 1969), South African soccer pro
born Philemon Raoul Masinga
2. Filomeno Gonzales Bactol (b. 1939), Filipino Bishop of Naval,
3. Philemon Wright (1760-1839), American farmer, entrepreneur
founder of the Canadian cities of Ottawa and Gatineau

Middle Names for Philemon:
Philemon Carlton
Philemon Everett
Philemon Merle
Philemon Rodolfo
Philemon Theodore

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