Origin: Latin

Meaning: “fighting man’s estate”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Pay, Paden, Paton, Payton, Pete

Peyton TV and Movie Quotes:
“Peyton must really need chips.”
One Tree Hill (2003 TV Series)
“Well, I’m more of a Peyton Manning.” Sydney White (2007)

Famous people named Peyton or its variations

1. Peyton Williams Manning (b. 1976), American football pro
2. Peyton Conway March (1864-1955), American Army general
and Chief of Staff
3. Peyton Sellers (b. 1983), American race car driver

Middle Names for Peyton:
Peyton Elias
Peyton James
Peyton Karsyn
Peyton Randolph
Peyton Stephan

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