Origin: French

Meaning: “pierce the veil”
short form of Percival and other “per” names

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Pearcy, Perce, Percey, Pierce

Percy TV and Movie Quotes:
“Percy, will you shut up and give us a hand here?”
The Green Mile (1999)
“Noah Percy! Stop your fussing right this moment.”
The Village (2004)
“Hi. Reservation for Percy Jones.” Guess Who (2005)

Famous people named Percy or its variations

1. Percy Montgomery (b. 1974), South African rugby union pro
born Percival Colin Montgomery
2. Percy Sledge (1941-2015), American R&B singer
3. Percy Faith (1908-76), American bandleader

Middle Names for Percy:
Percy Avery
Percy Donovan
Percy Nigel
Percy Theodore
Percy William

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