Origin: Old English

Meaning: “”Poecc’s settlement”
also, Latin: “peace”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Pax, Paxon, Paxten, Paxtyn

Paxton TV and Movie Quotes:
“Paxton. Come, have a drink.” Hostel (2005)
“Oh, you’re wrong, Dr. Paxton. It isn’t one man, it’s
many men working together.” Unknown World (1951)

Famous people named Paxton or its variations

1. Paxton Whitehead (b. 1937), British actor
born Francis Edward Paxton Whitehead
2. Paxton West McMurray, American actor

Middle Names for Paxton:
Paxton Caleb
Paxton Gavin
Paxton Jayden
Paxton Lucas
Paxton Ryan

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