Paris (Boy)

Origin: Greek

Meaning: unknown
can refer to the mythological Paris
or the capital of France

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Paryss, Parris, Parrish

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Paris is such a handsome little guy.
Tuck your shirt in, Paris.
Paris wants to go to Wendy’s.

Famous people named Paris or its variations

1. Paris Latsis (b. 1979), Greek shipping heir
born Paris Kasidokostas
2. Paris Jackson (b. 1980), Canadian football pro
3. Paris K.C. Barclay (b. 1956), American TV
director and producer.

Paris Middle Names
Paris Adonis
Paris Dylan
Paris Georgios
Paris Marcos
Paris Yanis

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  1. Paris says:

    people make fun of me because my name sounds like a girls name :(( help meee
    but peeps call me
    Pay Pay

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