Origin: Latin

Meaning: “shepherd”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ovi, Ovide, Ovidio, Ovidiu, Ovidius

Ovid Book Quotes:
“Ovid didn’t like losing.” The Thornwaite Inheritance (2010)
“What was it Ovid had said?” The Reason for Wings (1999)
“Ovid may never have known the real cause of his exile.”
The Mystery of Ovid’s Exile (1964)

Famous people named Ovid or its variations

1. Ovidiu Petre (b. 1982), Romanian pro footballer
2. Ovide F. Pomerleau (b. 1940), American psychologist
3. Ovid L. Jackson (b. 1939), Canadian politician

Ovid Middle Names
Ovid Desmond
Ovid Gregory
Ovid Marshall
Ovid Rex

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