Origin: Slavic

Meaning: “spear of the gods”
Ukrainian form of Eustace

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Oskar, Osker, Ossie, Ossy, Ozzie, Ozzy

Ostap TV and Movie Quotes:
“At the head of all came Ostap.”
Taras Bulba: a Tale of the Cossacks (1835)
“Ostap Bender then began stating his conditions.”
The Twelve Chairs (1928)

Famous people named Ostap or its variations

1. Ostap Semerak (b. 1972), Ukrainian politician
2. Ostap Vyshnia (1889-1956), Ukrainian humorist
born Pavlo Hubenko
3. Ostap Gogol (16??-1679), Ukrainian colonel

Ostap Middle Names
Ostap Arseny
Ostap Kirill
Ostap Nikita
Ostap Vadim

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