Origin: Old English

Meaning: “God’s protection”

Best Nicknames:
Ossie, Oz, Ozzie, Ozzy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Osman, Osmund, Osmonde, Osment, Osmin, Osmont, Osmund

Osmond TV and Movie Quotes:
“Hey you, Shut up! This ain’t no Osmond special!”
Goof Troop Christmas (1992)
“You’re capable of anything, you and Osmond.”
The Portrait of a Lady (1997)

Famous people named Osmond or its variations

1. Osmond Wright, Jamaican born London-based soul singer
Stage Name: Mozez
2. Osmond Hudson Borradaile (1898–1999),
Canadian cinematographer
3. Osmond Fisher (1817-1914), English geologist, geophysicist

Osmond Middle Names
Osmond Abraham
Osmond Denis
Osmond Frederick
Osmond John
Osmond Xavier

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