Origin: African (Ghana)

Meaning: “noble, honorable”

Best Nicknames:
Os, Osee, Ossie, Ossy, Ozzie, Ozzy

Osei TV and Movie Quotes:
“She told Osei all that had happened since he
left Denkyira.” The Deliverer (2011)
“Osei is moody these days.” A Rose in Cement (2001)

Famous people named Osei or its variations

1. Osei Omari Kwende Sankofa (b. 1985), English footballer
2. Osei Telesford (b. 1983), Trinidadian footballer
3. Osei Tutu II (b. 1950), 16th King Asantehene, Kingdom
of Ashanti; born Otumfuo Osei Tutu

In Ghana, the day of the week a child was born on is often made part of their name. For baby boys, these names are:
Kwadwo – Monday
Kwabena – Tuesday
Kwaku – Wednesday
Yaw – Thursday
Kofi – Friday
Kwame – Saturday
Kwasi – Sunday

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