Origin: Latin

Meaning: “beneficial, profitable”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Anisim, Onésimo, Onesimos, Onesimus, Onisim

Onésimo Book Quotes
“Ultimately, Onesimo drove them away, virtually at the point
of a gun.” River of Traps: A Village Life (1990)
“As Reed packed, Onesimo appeared at the door.”
Border Dance: A Novel (1996)

Famous people named Onésimo or its variations

1. Onésimo Cepeda Silva (b. 1937), former Roman
Catholic Bishop of Ecatepec, Mexico.
2. Onésimo Silveira (b. 1935), Cape Verdean politician, writer
3. Onésime Gagnon (1888–1961), Canadian politician, 20th
Lieutenant Governor of Québec

Onésimo Middle Names
Onésimo Cristian
Onésimo Jonas
Onésimo Vidal
Onésimo Zavier

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