Origin: Irish

Meaning: “little deer”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Oisean, Osh, Osheen, Osian, Ossian

Oisin Book Quotes:
“Oisin watched his father with wide eyes.”
Finn Mac Cool (2010)
“‘I remember Oisín,’ Jamesy said.”
Galway Bay (2009)

Famous people named Oisin or its variations

1. Oisin Quinn (b. 1968), Irish politician
2. Oisin Fagan (b. 1973), Irish boxing pro
nickname: Gael Force
3. Osheen Jones (b.1985), English actor, director

Oisin Middle Names
Oisin Cormac
Oisin Kian
Oisin Peadar

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