Origin: Irish

Meaning: “little deer”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Oisean, Osh, Osheen, Osian, Ossian

Oisin Book Quotes:
“Oisin watched his father with wide eyes.”
Finn Mac Cool (2010)
“‘I remember OisΓ­n,’ Jamesy said.”
Galway Bay (2009)

Famous people named Oisin or its variations

1. Oisin Quinn (b. 1968), Irish politician
2. Oisin Fagan (b. 1973), Irish boxing pro
nickname: Gael Force
3. Osheen Jones (b.1985), English actor, director

Oisin Middle Names
Oisin Cormac
Oisin Kian
Oisin Peadar

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