Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “servant of God”
var. of Obadiah

Best Nicknames:
Obe, Obee, Obie, Oby

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Obadias, Obadiah, Obadya, Obediah, Oved

Obed Book Quotes:
“… that Obed fellow told me to go to hell.”
Space Opera (2010)
“Obed was infuriated to hear what had gone on.”
The Government’s Child (1994)

Famous people named Obed or its variations

1. Obed Isai Rincon Lopez (b. 1985), Mexican footballer
2. Obed Benjamin Sullivan (b.1968), American boxer
3. Obed Yao Asamoah (b. 1936), Ghanaian politician

Obed Middle Names
Obed Alexander
Obed Jonathan
Obed Nathan
Obed Saul

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