Origin: Scottish, Irish, Welsh

Meaning: uncertain
possibly, “of the ash tree” (from Celtic “nino”);
possibly, a misreading or made up form of Finian;
possible from the Welsh, Nynniaw.

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Nenn, Nenian, Nennian, Nenien, Ninien,
Ninn, Nennio, Nino

Ninian Book Quotes:
“Ninian had no idea where they were.”
The Rose of the World (2011)
“It would seem that Ninian was a studious child.”
Pioneers of Scottish Christianity (2013)

Famous people named Ninian or its variations

1. Ninian Mogan Lourdenadin (b. 1954), Malaysian millionaire
2. Ninian Martin Stephen (b. 1923), Australian jurist,
20th Governor-General, from 1982-89
3. Ninian Smart (1927-2001), Scottish educator, writer;
born Roderick Ninian Smart

Ninian Middle Names
Ninian Cyrus
Ninian Granville
Ninian Powell
Ninian Winthrop

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