Origin: Irish

Meaning: “little saint”
surname migration

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Nev, Nevan, Nevaan, Neven, Nevins, Nevon, Niven

Nevin Book Quotes:
“‘I’m not frightened of you,’ Nevin said”
For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (2009)
“But knowing Nevin, he won’t care anyway.”
Married to a Stranger (2007)

Famous people named Nevin or its variations

1. Nevin Galmarini (b. 1986), Swiss snowboarder
2. Nevin Markwart (b. 1964) Canadian ice hockey pro
3. Nevin William Hayes (1922-88), Roman Catholic bishop

Nevin Middle Names
Nevin Brock
Nevin Frazier
Nevin Julian
Nevin Ridley
Nevin Zebulon

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