Origin: Slavic

diminutive equivalent to “Bart”
short form of Jernej, the Slovenian form of Bartholomew
Sounds like “Nate”

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Necj has a quick temper.
Turn the light off and go to sleep, Necj.
Necj has his father’s eyes.

Famous people named Nejc or its variations

1. Nejc Pe─Źnik (b. 1986), Slovenian pro footballer
2. Nejc Gazvoda (b. 1985), Slovenian writer, director
3. Nejc Kuhar (b. 1985), Slovenian ski mountaineer

More Short Forms of Bartholomew:
Bartek, Bartl, Barti, Barthel, Bartho,
Barthol, Barkte, Bartt, Berci, Bertel,
Mawe, Mewes, Mils, Meo

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