Origin: Slavic

diminutive equivalent to “Bart”
short form of Jernej, the Slovenian form of Bartholomew
Sounds like “Nate”

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Necj has a quick temper.
Turn the light off and go to sleep, Necj.
Necj has his father’s eyes.

Famous people named Nejc or its variations

1. Nejc Pečnik (b. 1986), Slovenian pro footballer
2. Nejc Gazvoda (b. 1985), Slovenian writer, director
3. Nejc Kuhar (b. 1985), Slovenian ski mountaineer

More Short Forms of Bartholomew:
Bartek, Bartl, Barti, Barthel, Bartho,
Barthol, Barkte, Bartt, Berci, Bertel,
Mawe, Mewes, Mils, Meo

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