Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “comforted by the Lord”

Best Nicknames:
Neem, Nemmy, Nemo, Nemos, Neo

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Nechemyah, Neemia, Neemias, Nehemias,
Nehemiasz, Néhémie

Nehemiah TV and Movie Quotes:
“Nehemiah always followed up the wrong with prayer.”
Hand Me Another Brick (1998)
“He listened while Nehemiah slept on.”
Mr. Big Britches (1971)

Famous people named Nehemiah or its variations

1. Nehemiah Odhiambo Ngoche (b. 1984), Kenyan cricketer
2. Neemia Stanley Tialata (b. 1982), New Zealand rugby pro
3. Nehemiah Persoff (b. 1919) Israeli-American actor

Nehemiah Middle Names
Nehemiah David
Nehemiah Earl
Nehemiah Jerome
Nehemiah Raphael

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