Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “comforter, penitent”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Naoum, Nachum, NahĂșn, Naim, Naum

Nahum Book Quotes:
“Nahum’s brow furrowed with concentration.” Cry Freedom (2000)
“God called Nahum to bring a scathing indictment and judgment
against Nineveh.” Prophets of the Bible (2008)

Famous people named Nahum or its variations

1. Nahum Thorton Grymes (b. 1984), American singer;
Stage name: J. Holiday
2. Naum Sekulovski (b. 1982), Australian pro footballer
3. Nahum Mattathias Sarna (1923-2005), British-born
American Biblical scholar

Nahum Middle Names
Nahum Ariel
Nahum Jude
Nahum Lemuel
Nahum Yosef

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