Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “wish, desire”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Murat, Mourad, Morad, Mrad

Murad TV and Movie Quotes:
“You dare to race against the fastest
man in all the land, against Murad?”
The Story of Little Muck (1953)
“You see, Murad, there’s something that
smells fishy here.” Kriminal (1966)

Famous people named Murad or its variations

1. Mourad Bouzidi (b. 1984), Dutch–Tunisian kickboxer;
nickname: The Silent Power
2. Murat Boz (b. 1980), Turkish pop singer
3. Murad Qureshi (b. 1965), British politician

Murad Middle Names
Murad Ali
Murad Hussein
Murad Omar
Murad Rasul

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