Origin: French

Meaning: “mountain”
also, short form of Montague and Montgomery

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Montae, Montay, Monte, Montie, Montes, Montez

Monty TV and Movie Quotes:
“Just ignore them, Monty. They’re jealous of me too.”
NCIS: Los Angeles: Imposters (2011)
“Why don’t you just admit it, Monty? You look down on me
because I work!” Mildred Pierce: Part III (2011)

Famous people named Monty or its variations

1. Monty Brown (b. 1970), American wrestling pro
ring names: Marcus Cor Von, The Alpha Male
2. Monty Sharma (b. 1970), Indian music composer
3. Monty Patrick Jones (b. 1951) Sierra Leonean agricultural scientist

Monty Middle Names
Monty Bernard
Monty Franklin
Monty Lewis
Monty Orville
Monty Ward

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