Origin: French

Meaning: “far off mountain”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Montel, Montez, Montie, Monty

Montell TV and Movie Quotes:
“My next guest with a guilty secret is Montel.”
Jerry Springer: The Opera (2005)
“Montell’s on the lam.”
Terriers: Dog and Pony (2010)

Famous people named Montell or its variations

1. Montell Julian Griffin (b. 1970), American boxer
2. Montell Jordan (b. 1968), American R&B singer
3. Montel Brian Anthony Williams (b. 1956), American TV host

Montell Middle Names
Montell Burton
Montell Dewitt
Montell Isaiah
Montell Kurtiss
Montell Shawn

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