Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: “charming, fascinating”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Mo, Moe, Mohanad, Mohid, Mohit, Mohsin

Mohan Book Quotes:
“‘For a beginner, that’s admirable’ Mohan said.”
Forest Whisperings (2015)
“He remembered suddenly that Mohan lived in Mill Street.”
The Magic of Malgudi (2000)

Famous people named Mohan or its variations

Mohan Maharishi

1. Mohan De Silva (b. 1966), Sri Lankan politician
2. Mohan Rao (b. 1956), Indian actor
3. Mohan Maharishi (b. 1940), Indian director, actor

Mohan Middle Names
Mohan Ayush
Mohan Krishna
Mohan Lal
Mohan Samar

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