Origin: Latin

Meaning: “the greatest”
Nickname or independent name

Max is a short form of:
Maxim, Massimo, Maxime, Maximilian, Maximo, Maxwell

Max TV and Movie Quotes:
“She has a little kid named Max.” How I Met
Your Mother: Game Night
“Max knew nothing about love. It was as foreign to
him as scuba diving.” Mary and Max (2009)
“Didn’t know you were a philosopher, Max. ”
Law & Order: Poison Ivy (1990)

Famous people named Max or its variations

1. Max Baer, Jr (b. 1937), American actor
born Maximilian Adelbert Baer, Jr.
2. Max Baer (1909-59), American boxing champ
born Maximilian Adelbert Baer
3. Max von Sydow (b. 1929), Swedish actor
born Carl Adolf von Sydow

Max Middle Names
Max Benjamin
Max Frederick
Max Gunther
Max Jacob
Max Patrick

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  1. izzy says:

    I would call him maxi or maxy

  2. A.B says:

    A fun nickname for Max could be Maximus :)

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