Origin: Latin

Meaning: “dark-skinned, Moorish”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Maurio, Maurie, Maureo, Maury, Morrey, Morrey, Morry

Mauro TV and Movie Quotes:
“… I had Mauro whip up a batch of his famous peanut butter
cup filling.” Cake Boss (2009 TV Series)
“I’ve trained for the Fra Mauro highlands…” Apollo 13 (1995)

Famous people named Mauro or its variations

1. Mauro Matías Zárate (b. 1987), Argentine footballer
2. Mauro Bergamasco (b, 1979), Italian rugby pro
3. Mauro Piacenza (b. 1944), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal

Mauro Middle Names
Mauro Christopher
Mauro Federico
Mauro Geraldo
Mauro Stefanos
Mauro Rafael

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