Origin: English

Meaning: “stone carver or worker”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Mace, Mase, Masson

Mason TV and Movie Quotes:
“Mason was a catch. He had girls lining up.”
The Vampire Diaries: Memory Lane (2010)
“Mason made some wisecrack remark …” 24 (2001)
“Hey Mason, who would you say is the hottest girl in school?”
Thirteen (2003)

Famous people named Mason or its variations

1. Mason Jennings (b. 1975), American pop-folk singer
2. Ma$e (b. 1977), American rapper, actor
born Mason Durell Betha
3. Mason Wilson Gamble (b.1986), American actor

Mason Middle Names
Mason Charles
Mason Elijah
Mason Joachim
Mason Prescott

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