Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “victorious”

Best Nicknames:

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Mansoor, Mansur

Mansour and Mansoor Book Quotes:
“Mansour was known as impish and eccentric.”
After the Fire (2008)
“Mansoor was born and raised in Trinidad…”
Bollywood Weddings (2004)

Famous people named Mansour or its variations

1. Mansour Matloubi, Iranian-British poker champ
2. Mansour Sora Wade, (b. 1952), Senegalese film director
3. Mansoor Afaq (b. 1962), Pakistani Urdu poet, playwright
born Mohammad Mansoor Afaq

Mansour Middle Names
Mansour Ali
Mansour Ousmane
Mansour Rashid

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