Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “glorious”

Best Nicknames:
Maj, Magic

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Majd, Majed, Majeed

Majid Book Quotes
“Majid looked up, got up from his chair and
disappeared into his library.” Far Away Places (2011)
“Majid arrived and beckoned for an ambulance.”
Mornings in Jenin (2010)

Famous people named Majid or its variations
Majid MichelMajid TorkanMajid Derakhshani

1. Majid Michel (b. 1980), Ghanaian actor
nickname: Shaker
2. Majid Torkan (b.1965), Iranian wrestling champ
3. Majid Derakhshani (b. 1957), Iranian musician, composer

Majid Middle Names
Majid Ahmed
Majid Ibrahim
Majid Yusuf

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