Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “gift of God”

Best Nicknames:
Mace, Macey, Macy, Mase, Maze

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Mareo, Maseo, Mateo

Maceo Book Quotes:
“Maceo Birch came to New York from Kansas City.”
Meet Me at the Theresa (2004)
“Maceo, what’s wrong? Are you sick?”
Bittersweet Memories: A Memoir (2004)

Famous people named Maceo or its variations

1. Maceo Rigters (b. 1984), Dutch footballer
2. Maceo Demond Baston (b. 1976), American basketball pro
3. Maceo Parker (b. 1943), American saxophonist

Maceo Middle Names
Maceo Antwan
Maceo Herculez
Maceo Jorge
Maceo Samuel
Maceo Tremayne

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