Origin: Old English

Meaning: “flax town”

Best Nicknames:
Lin, Linn, Lyn, Lynn

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Linten, Linton, Lyndell, Lyndon, Lytton

Lynton Book Quotes:
“Lynton felt the cold chills running down his spine.”
The Singer (2013)
“Lynton’s face fell.” Unmasking Miss Lacey (2013)

Famous people named Lynton or its variations

1. Lynton Ronald Wilson (b. 1940), Canadian business executive;
Nickname: Red
2. Lynton Crosby (b. 1956), Australian political strategist
3. Lynton Brent (1897-1981), American actor

Lynton Middle Names
Lynton Arnold
Lynton Dwight
Lynton Elwood
Lynton Gregory
Lynton Rupert

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