Origin: French

Meaning: “famous warrior”

Best Nicknames
Lew, Lou, Louie, Lewie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Lewes, Lewis, Lodewick, Lodovico, Lucho, Ludovic,
Ludovicus, Ludvig, Ludvik, Ludwig, Luigi, Luis

Louis TV and Movie Quotes:
“Louis, where are ya baby bro?”
August Rush (2007)
“Oh Louis, you’re a lost man.”
Original Sin (2001)

Famous people named Louis or its variations

1. Lou Ferrigno (b. 1951), American actor, bodybuilder
born Louis Jude Ferrigno
2. Louis Monaco, (b. 1968), American boxing pro
Nickname: The Facelifter
3. Louis Armstrong (1901-71), American musician
nickname: Satchmo

Louis Middle Names
Louis Aaron
Louis Charles
Louis Merrill
Louis Ryan
Louis Sidney

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