Origin: Old German

Meaning: “ready for battle”
also a nickname for Alonzo, Marlon and names beginning with Lon-
such as Londell, Lonnell, Lontrell and London

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Lon, Lonney, Lonny

Lonnie TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ole Lonnie Earl’s got plenty of money.”
Waking Up in Reno (2002)
“Lonnie, I know you’ve got ideas.” Car Wash (1976)

Famous people named Lonnie or its variations

1. Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. (b. 1972), American hip hop singer;
Stage name: “Common” (formerly Common Sense)
2. Lonnie Plaxico (b. 1960), American jazz bassist
3. Lonnie Donegan (1931-2002), “the King of Skiffle”;
Scottish singer, musician born Anthony James Donegan

Lonnie Middle Names
Lonnie Franklin
Lonnie Gordon
Lonnie James
Lonnie Kendryck
Lonnie Samuel

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