Origin: Greek

Meaning: “warrior”
as a nickname for Alexander; also Latin: “law”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Lech, Leks, Lekks, Lexx, Lexton

Lex TV and Movie Quotes:
“Lex never abandons a project.”
Smallville: Toxic (2008)
“Lex Luthor! The greatest criminal mind of our time!”
Superman (1978)

Famous people named Lex or its variations

1. Lex Medlin (b. 1969), American actor
2. Lex Lang (b. 1965), American voice actor
born Walter Alexis Lang
3. Lex Frieden (b. 1949), American educator, researcher,
disability rights activist

Lex Middle Names
Lex Clayton
Lex Demetrio
Lex Mitchell
Lex Orrin
Lex Parnell

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