Origin: German

Meaning: “brave as a lion”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Lee, Leo, Leopoldo, Leupold

Leopold TV and Movie Quotes:
“… only I understood that the horrifying aparition was Leopold,
raised from the dead.” Amadeus (1986)
“Not just them. Uncle Leopold. The king.”
The Young Victoria (2009)
“Stop saying ‘Leopold’ like that, tenderly. It sounds funny.
You can’t do it with a name like Leopold.”
The Talk of the Town

Famous people named Leopold or its variations

1. Leopold “Butters” Stotch, South Park cartoon character
2. Leopold David de Rothschild (b. 1927), British financier,
musician and philanthropist
3. Leopold III ( 1901-83), King of Belgium, full name:
Leopold Filips Karel Albert Meinrad Hubertus Maria Miguel

Leopold Middle Names
Leopold Aristotle
Leopold Berthold
Leopold Lars
Leopold Nikolai
Leopold Wolfgang

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