Origin: Latin

Meaning: “crowned with laurel”

Best Nicknames
Larrie, Larry, Laurie, Lawrie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Larance, Larrance, Laurance, Laurence, Laurencio,
Laurent, Laurenz, Lawrance, Lorenzo, Lorrence

Lawrence TV and Movie Quotes:
“Let’s broaden our minds. Lawrence?” Batman (1989)
“Lawrence, what are you doing?” Saw (2004)
“I’m proud of you, Lawrence.” Animal House (1978)

Famous people named Lawrence or its variations

1. Lawrence Raghavendra, Indian actor, director, choreographer
2. Lawrence Mack Sampleton, Jr. (b. 1959), American football player
3. Lawrence Edward Grace Oates (1880-1912), Antarctic explorer

Lawrence Middle Names:
Lawrence Anthony
Lawrence Louis
Lawrence Sterling
Lawrence Todd

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