Origin: Armenian

Meaning: “farmer”
Armenian version of George

Best Nicknames
Kev, Kevo, Vork

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Gevorg, Gevork, Kevorc, Kevorcc,
Kevorck, Kevorke, Kevorkk

Kevork Book Quotes:
“Kevork could see tears well up in his aunt’s eyes.”
Nobody’s Child (2003)
“Sviatoslav laughed, “Half the men in Georgia are named Kevork– that is Georgian for George. And Saint George is the patron saint of Georgia.” Yaroslaw’s Revenge (2012)

Famous people named Kevork or its variations

1. Gevorg Davtyan (b. 1983), Armenian weightlifter
2. Kevork Malikyan (b. 1943), Turkish actor
3. Kevork S. Hovnanian (1923-2009), Armenian-American
businessman, homebuilder

Kevork Middle Names
Kevork Alen
Kevork Davit
Kevork Erik

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