Origin: Irish Gaelic

Meaning: “blonde”

Best Nicknames:
Ken, Kenny, Keny

Variants and Sound-Alikes:
Kenyan, Kenya, Kenyatta, Kenyen, Kenyin

Kenyon TV and Movie Quotes:
“Dr. Kenyon, you are an expert on fine arts?”
Perry Mason (1957 TV Series)
“… Kenyon realized he had two choices… ”
Unlocking the Mystery of Life (1973)

Famous people named Kenyon or its variations

1. Kenyon Octavia Coleman (b. 1979), American football pro
2. Kenyon Lee Martin (b. 1977), American basketball pro
3. Kenyon Wright (b. 1932), Scottish Episcopalian clergyman

Kenyon Middle Names
Kenyon Barnett
Kenyon Cole
Kenyon Gerard
Kenyon James
Kenyon Roderick

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