Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “the Lord exists”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Jess, Jessey, Jesiah, Jessie, Jessy, Yishai

Jesse TV and Movie Quotes:
“Hey, Jesse, what did you order?”
Glee: Prom Queen (2011)
“Uncle Jesse, is it okay to cry?”
Full House: The Last Dance (1994)

Famous people named Jesse or its variations

1. Jesse Gordon Spencer (b. 1979), American actor
2. Jesse Eden Metcalfe (b. 1978), American actor
3. Jesse Pearson (1930-79), American singer, actor,
born Bobby Wayne Pearson

Jesse Middle Names
Jesse Clayton
Jesse David
Jesse Earl
Jesse Michael
Jesse Ryan

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  1. Jesse James W says:

    My best friend calls me Shwesse, i call her Evwin

  2. jesse anthony kelly says:

    hi im the future king jelly

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