Origin: Spanish, Portuguese

Meaning: “sacred name”
variant of Jerome

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Geronimo, Gerolamo, Girolamo, Hieronim, Hieronimo,
Hieronymus, Jerless, Jeroen, Jerome, Jeromos, Jerōmu,
Jeronim, Jeronimas, Jeronimi, Jeroným, Jhirome, Jiròni

Jerónimo Book Quotes:
“Jeronimo looked up again, more controlled.”
Maya Lord (1984)
“Two of the men facing her were Jeronimo’s brothers.”
The Day of the Moon (2011)

Famous people named Jerónimo or its variations

1. Jerónimo Amione (b. 1990), Mexican pro footballer;
born Jerónimo Arturo Amione Cevallos
2. Jerónimo Saavedra (b. 1936), Spanish politician;
born Jerónimo Saavedra Acevedo
3. Jerónimo José Podestá (1920-2000). Argentine Catholic bishop

Jerónimo Middle Names
Jerónimo Agustin
Jerónimo Cristóbal
Jerónimo Matias
Jerónimo Samuel

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  1. El Pene says:

    we call geronimo, “El Garanimo”

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