Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “the Lord exalts”

Best, Nicknames:
Jem, Jemmie, Jerry

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Geremia, Jereme, Jeremia, Jeremias, Jeremija,
Jeremiya, Jeremy, Jermyn, Yeremia, Yeremiya

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
“Zip up your mouth, Jeremiah.” Four Brothers (2005)
“Jeremiah, maybe you best go down to a town, get
outta these mountains.” Jeremiah Johnson (1972)
“It’s the Classic Case of the four J’s, Joey Jeremiah
and his Jean Jacket. Degrassi High (1987 TV Series)

Famous people named Jeremiah or its variations

1. Jeremiah Taeatafa Masoli (b. 1988), American football pro
2. Jeremiah Massey (b. 1982), American-Macedonian basketball pro
3. Jeremiah Mutwalante Twa-Twa (b. 1951), Ugandan politician,
physician, public health specialist

Jeremiah Middle Names
Jeremiah Alfred
Jeremiah Francis
Jeremiah Joseph
Jeremiah Moses
Jeremiah Payne

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