Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “descending”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Jarad, Jarid, Jarod, Jarred, Jarrid, Jarrod, Jaryd,
Jerad, Jered, Jerod, Jerrad, Jerred, Jerrod

Jared TV and Movie Quotes:
“Don’t you want to be with Jared?” The Host (2013)
“There’s nothing left, Jared.” Lawman (1971)

Famous people named Jared or its variations

1. Jared Joseph Leto (b. 1971), American actor and musician
2. Jared Francis Harris (b. 1961), English actor
3. Jarred Blakiston (b. 1991), New Zealand actor

Jared Middle Names
Jared Everett
Jared Carson
Jared Christopher
Jared Jameson
Jared Thomas

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