Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “he who supplants”

Best Nicknames:
Jem, Jemmy, Jim, Jimbo, Jimmie, Jimmy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Diego, Giacomo, Hamish, Iago, Jacob, Jacques, Jago,
Jagu, Jaime, Jaimey, Jaimie, Jamey, Jame, Jameson,
Jamie, Jamison, Jayme, Jaymes, Jaymie, Seamus.

James TV and Movie Quotes:
“James, we talked about this. Mommy’s not here
anymore” Inception (2010)
“You killed James Brown!” The Tuxedo (2002)
“James… let’s not play with our food.” Twilight (2008)

Famous people named James or its variations

1. James Paul Marsden (b, 1973), American actor, singer
2. James Durbin (b. 1989), American heavy metal singer
American Idol, Season 10, 4th runner-up
3. James Joseph Brown (1933-2006), American soul music icon
“The Godfather of Soul,” “Mr. Dynamite”

James Middle Names
James Bryan
James Declan
James Edward
James Macauley
James Warren

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  1. Janeen says:

    My son, James, is Jim, Jimmy, James, Jemes

  2. Allie says:

    Also Jamie

  3. Mo says:

    Also Jame, Jam, Jam Jam

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